Thursday, November 08, 2007

Big Elmo and small racing cars with friends

Elmo is supposed to hold the birthday wish banner which I left it out while taking this photo. Quite similar to the earlier Elmo surprise cake except for smaller version big bird, elmo and cookie monster sitting in racing cars. The numbers in front of the cars represent Malcolm's date of birth (ie date-month-year; guess the picture is too small to show all the numbers unless you double click on the picture to see bigger version).


Nick Tham said...

The cake was the highlight of Malcolm's 1-Year Birthday and to top it all, it was delicious! All of my relatives and friends took so many pictures of it. Thanks so much, Glad!

Very Thankfully,
Nick & Joelyn Tham

gladcake said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks so much for taking your time to post feedback here. Truly appreciate it. Am really glad that your family and friends like the cake.