Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bear Hugs

Made this cake for Megan's birthday (my friend's daughter). As I was busy lately, have no inspiration and not much time to think of what to make. After decorated this cake, find it a bit too plain......
..... so here comes the mushrooms added to the cake! Think it's better now, do you agree???

Close up bears hugging each other.

Am glad that Megan and her mom like the cake. Cake flavour is cookie cream with banana.


Mamaanne said...


Your bears are very cute!! and my fav toadstools too... my office still have the CLifford small sugarpaste figurine.

gladcake said...


Thanks. Serious ah? You still have those Clifford figurines? Didn't expect that you could keep them for so long :)...Next time got chance I make for you toadstools, k.

Mamaanne said...

yes Glad. It is in my office, on top of my CPU. Definitely will have chance to order from you. :)

your creation is getting more and more creative... i loved the cupcake with those crabby and fishes on it... very sweet!!