Saturday, February 03, 2007

Under the Sea

Of all cakes I've made thus far, I like this most. Light blue is my favourite colour....This has 360 degree view.
This is specially for dd's buddy who has a hermit crab as her pet. After making the 'cartoon look alike hermit crab', I continue to add other sea creatures and dd also helped making some clams and sea turtles. Although we have spent quite a lot of time on this cake, we find that the time was well spent after seeing the cake. Oh yes, I've forgotten the air bubbles last night (can see from one of the picture without the bubbles) and added them only this morning. I think the effect is nicer with air bubbles.... don't you agree with it :)
Thanks for viewing.


Biow said...

wow.. agree.. this is the "best" so far.. :).. getting better and better!!

wywy said...

My daughter was the lucky receipent of this cake. She, her friends and our family love it very much. It's a very lovely cake. KH, I always feel very sayang to "destroy" the deco to get to the cake after all the effort you have put in. Thank you so much. Now that I know your blog site, will go into it more often to admire your creations.

MIM said...

so very very pretty!

gladcake said...

My pleasure wywy.

Thank you mim for your comment.

Amanda Tay said...


can I check with you how much this would cost? you can email me at


Glad said...

Hi Amanda, I've sent you an email. Thank you :)